Service and Repair

Here at Trailer Medic, we cannot emphasise just how important a good maintenance, service and repair regime is. Keeping your trailer not only running smoothly but also safely and legally.

We recommended that your trailer is serviced:

  • After the first 600 miles (1000 km) for new trailers or if new brake linings and / or bowden cables have been fitted.
  • Every 3000 miles (5000 km) or three months for heavy commercial / industrial trailers. Either by mileage towed or type of application. Including boat trailers that are immersed in water.
  • Every 6000 miles (10,000kms) or six monthly for commercial / industrial trailers – based on “average” use.
  • Annual service for private individuals with horse boxes, leisure trailers, caravans and the likes who cover less than 6000 miles per year.

Undetected faults caused by lack of proper servicing are the major cause of breakdown or accidents involving trailers. Faulty lights, brakes and worn tyres being the most common.