Axle Enquiry

Over time and with use, your trailer axle will eventually need to be replaced. This does not mean it’s time to scrap the trailer; get a price for a made to measure trailer axle. Complete the trailer axle enquiry form below and we will get back to you with a quote.

There are pictures at the bottom of the page to help – click on the type of trailer axle that you need.

Custom Trailer Axle Quotation Form
eg. 200x50mm, 250x40mm, 300x60mm etc
eg. 4xM12, 5.5" PCD, or 5xM16, 165.1mm PCD
eg. trailer type, manufacturer, model no, chassis no, single /twin /tri axle etc.

Click on an axle type below to see a picture showing dimensions required.

Standard Rubber Torsion Beam Trailer Axle
Axle enquiry form - image 1

Standard Torsion Beam Axle

Solid Beam Trailer Axle (used with leaf springs)
Solid Beam Axle (used with leaf springs)

Solid Beam Trailer Axle (used with leaf springs)

Rubber Torsion Beam Axle for Boat Trailers
Axle enquiry form - image 2

Torsion Beam Axle as used on Boat Trailers

1. Being made to order, we will require payment for all trailer axles before manufacture will commence.
2. As these items are made to your specification, we cannot cancel once manufacture has commenced.
3. Please check all dimensions submitted, as Trailer Medic cannot he held responsible for axles not fitting your trailer correctly due to incorrect sizes being supplied.