Trailer Servicing

To keep your trailer in good running order, we would recommend regular trailer servicing – much the same way that you would your car.

Although there is no engine to service, there are still many essential moving parts. These would include the braking system; the coupling, the cables & rods and the brakes themselves. The wheels and bearings are contantly moving too so need regular checks. The electrical systems on trailers are particularly prone to water ingress and the vibration can lead to early bulb failure.

Trailer Servicing

Our Trailer Servicing rates (1st Dec 2019) :

UnbrakedWorkshop £On-Site £
Single Axle45.0075.00
Twin Axle55.0090.00
BrakedWorkshop £On-Site £
Single Axle75.00125.00
Twin Axle95.00150.00
Tri Axle115.00180.00

Prices shown are subject to VAT

Service parts charged extra if required

Any additional repairs not already covered in the service will be agreed prior to commencement and charged at an hourly rate plus materials.

Please Note: The above workshop rates are based for trailer servicing carried out at our workshop at North Tawton, EX20 2BB. The on-site rates shown are based on customers being with in a 30-mile radius of the same. If you fall outside of the 30-mile radius, please contact us with your your postcode for a service quotation.

We welcome enquiries from companies with small or large trailer fleets and will gladly work with you to tailor a servicing plan specific to you.