Trailer Medic to the rescue!

Following an road traffic accident on the A30 dual carriageway yesterday, Trailer Medic was called to the rescue!

Trailer Medic to the rescue!
Trailer Medic to the rescue!

Following the collision, Anthony Wallis was asked to attend and assist the local Police and Highways Officers.

The livestock trailer (opposite) was not only left stranded on the A30 but was full of lambs so time was of the essence.

The tow-vehicle’s towbar had been completely torn off in the accident, so chances of the trailer being towable were slim.

Anthony assessed the condition of the trailer, made a quick repair and deemed it safe to move to the services.

We are pleased to say that nobody was hurt in the incident and that all of the lambs were non-the-worse for their ordeal.

Trailer Medic are always happy to help whenever and wherever we can!   #towsafe4freddie

Trailer Medic received the following words from Okehampton Police: –

“Thank you so much again on behalf of Okehampton Police and Highways England for coming to the rescue on the A30 today Ant. We would have really struggled to get that trailer full of lambs off the dual carriageway if you hadn’t come and replaced the damaged tow hitch. Thankfully the drivers of both vehicles and all the lambs were unhurt after a pretty nasty collision. Without your help we would have had to shut both carriageways in order to unload the lambs on to another trailer so you saved us a massive headache there too!”

Melissa Reeves, Okehampton Police

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